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Adventure Time!
#2-Shu The Rogue Wolf in the shade
In the land of humm a young boy named Shu is scaviging thro the woods trying to fined ACD Acadomy  little do he know he is being watched from the shadows...mean while Taya is just getting bock to ACD and is about to talk to the hade master.
In the woods with shu he has started a fire to camp for the night and he is thinking.

Shu: everyone I know is gone except that girl Taya, maybe if i got to ACD I can find her and ask for her help. haa....
???: Why so gloomy white and gray gloom?
Shu: Wa..who? what are you
???: What you never seen a Water Dripply before gloom,Names, Dripp,yours
Shu: My names Shu,Shu gob-well not rally even one any more
Dripp: Whys a wolf like u doin alone.
Shu: Well i get im just the odd one out.
Dipp: So us a rogue wolf then.
Shu: Ya i gess i am. shu the rogue wolf.
Dripp: Hey that has i nice ring to it,Hey mined if i stick around you a while
Shu: Sure why not? Don't see no harm.

With Taya at ACD academy she is waiting to get in to the head masters office.

HeadMaster: now go on shi there's a mess on the 14th floor 2nd hallway.
Taya: Hi shi.
shi: You want some...SUGAR...I have some left over..
Taya: thanx.
HeadMaster: ah Taya how it going? did you get The Wolf King yet?
Taya: No not yet,he keeps pooling that portlet spell on me.
HeadMaster: hmm. maybe you should take on a different mission for now try this on later
Taya: thanx HeadMaster,oh and I found someone for the academy he should be here  any day, ok
HeadMaster: oh that's wonderful and you know to call me by may name
Taya: Fine king see you later.
HeadMaster: oh thank you good luck on your mission my dear.

In the woods with Shu and Dripp
Dripp: So,ah were are yous goin?
Shu: To ACD academy,im going there to be an adventurer
Dripp: Relly sounds neet.
A noise echos throw the woods
Shu: Dripp did you here that?
Dripp: yee wish i didn't
Shu and Dripp run towered the noise only to fined a tree giant toppled over with shurikens in his bark.
Tree giant: The ninja wants me i need life you are life come here BOY!
As the giant said this shu jumps back because the giant wants to drain the vary life from his body shu pools out his silver sword to fight back be for he can the giant is attacked by a ninja.
Shu: ahh thanx?
ninja:...(nodding his head)
As he is noding he holds an idea bage up it said Shade The Taker
shu: So your part of the acadomy
Shade nods his head and they head forth to the academy

At ACD academy Taya relaxing in her room as she thinks of what quest to take next.
Taya: hmm...dragon's in an east village? Trolls in the north settlements steeling crops? or escorting the Water Princess Aqua? Grru. witch one.
She ask her self this as she walks out to her Balcony she looks out and sees shade and shu coming in from the west gate she quickly runs out the door to meet shade and shu.
Thats it for now in the land of Humm.
All characters are owned by me (acdking)
Adventure Time belongs to Pendleton Ward and CartoonNetwork
this is the 2nd part chapter of the story sorry if its short. the next one will be up next Sunday
Hope you like it
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November 6, 2012
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