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Recently I've been uploading slowly on BWA instead of the schedule I had planned for it, this is because of personal issues, but I wont have that anymore. I plan on uploading BWA every Sunday now and on Balance I will /Try/ to Upload it on Wednesday, or at least what I have of it.(three-ish more chapters) I will try and start writing that again because I've Re-Grown interest in it. 

As always, I Hope You Enjoy~


Pokémon: Black White Academy:  “Rainy Day…” “Lux’s surprise!”

In a world much like your own, the everyday people embody the spirit of amazing creators called Pokémon, these creators are long extinct and live on in us. It’s been two about two day’s since Lux has convinced me and the others to make our battle club, Undermon. Today is your typical rainy Saturday, nothing to do, it’s not all bad at least I have a friend near.  As I walk over to the window a knock on my door stops me, when I open it Zan, Lux, and Fli stand outside my door.

Lya: (This is unexpected…)Heh, hi guys, what brings you to my door?
Lux: Boredom.
Zan: Exactly.
Fli: No, reason…
Lya: (Lux always honest, Zan uses the same excuse and Fli just doesn’t want to admit she’s bored.)

Lya invites them in as she gets everyone something to drink.

Lya: Here you all are.
Zan: Tea, Feels odd drinking this again.
Lya: Again?
Zan: Family was royal guards I had tea daily.
Lux: (Royal guards…)
Fli: I heard this rain is going to turn into a thunder storm soon.
Lya: Storms are never fun.
Zan: But there perfect for electric and water types, right Lux?
Lux: It does help water and electric types boost their moves power, but it can also be a good for taking in electric energy. This would be the perfect time for me to battle.
Fli: Is that all you ever think of?
Lux: No, I think of pretty girls too, like you two.

Fli and Lya blush and look away quickly.

Lya: (Why is he so honest?!?)
Fli: (A bit too honest, why am I even here?)
Lux: Are you all alright?
Zan: Lets change the subject, so I got a call from Joshawott earlier and he said he seen rainbow lighting.

Lux’s eye widen as a loud thunder booms outside.

Lya: Looks like the storms started. Hm? Hey Lux are you alright?
Fli: You look a bit pale.
Lux: Where does Joshowatt live again Zan?
Zan: The West Indigo Complex, why?
Lux: How long ago did he call?
Zan: About an hour, why what’s wrong?

Lux is about to speak as lighting strikes the ground outside causing Lya’s window to bust open.

Lux: Too late he’s here.
Fli: Who?
Lya: He?

Lux rushes to the window Lya comes up behind him and looks out to see a person with black hair like Lux’s, except he‘s taller and wearing a jacket that covers the bottom part of his face. As Lya hears Lux mumble “Ray.”

Lux jumps out the window and lands on the ground in front of the person, as Lux’s eye change from yellow to red with a slit down the middle.

Lux: I’m not going back Ray, tell Quin and the others there better off without me!
Ray: I’m afraid I can’t do that, Lady Quin wants her little Luxy back.
Lya: (“Quin?” “Little Luxy?”)
Ray: Though if you can “beat” me, I’ll let you go and tell Lady Quin that I couldn’t find you.
Lux: Fine, let get this over with.

Lux dashes forward to try and strike with Night Slash, but Ray quickly dodges and comes up from behind using his own Night Slash striking Lux down.

Ray: Face it little brother you can’t beat me, now come back to Sinnoh with m-

Ray is cut off by small purple glowing pebbles a manifestation of Lya’s Psyshock. As she runs up by Lux checking if he’s ok.

Lya: Lux, are you alright.
Lux: I’m fine, but he’s right I can’t beat him.
Lya: Are you that Naïve?
Lux: Hm?
Lya: I told you If you were going to do something crazy to tell me.
Lux: oh, sorry…

Lya stands up as she preps another Psyshock and faces Ray.

Lya: You know Lux can beat you easy.
Ray: What?
Lya: As for him going back to Sinnoh, I don’t think so.
Ray: Don’t make me laugh little girl, you nowhere on my level. And what do you care, its none of your business
Lya: You know, one thing I think I found that I can relate to Lux, we both have family that’s trying to force us down paths we don’t want to go, that makes me sick. So why do I “care”? I care because he’s my friend and I know what it’s like for people to force their way on you, so do me a favor and leave him alone.

She releases the Psyshock and lets it fly through the rainy air Ray moves out of the way and comes up behind Lya and uses Night Slash striking her down. Lux is stunned by the site of her being hit to the ground. His body starts to glow yellow as electric sparks starts to randomly pop out of him he charges forward as his Wild Charge hits Ray head on. Ray has a hard time fighting back, as the electric draws in several lightning bolts from the storm, Lux knocks Ray to the ground, as Lux stands over him.

Lux: Hit me as much as you want, knock me to the ground as much as you want, make me bleed as much as you want, but don’t ever hurt any of my friends, don’t ever hurt Lya!

As Lux’s roar echoes Ray is forced against the wall by its power.

Ray: Fine then Brother, you win, but I think Lady Quin won’t be happy about me not finding you, and Lux, keep this “good life of yours.”

A strike of multi-colored lighting strikes Ray and he’s gone, the storm starts to clear as it stops raining. Lya wakes up to find Lux crying next to her.

Lux: I’m sorry Lya, if I told you, if I just didn’t get you involved, if I could…

Before Lux could finish Lya springs up and hugs him. Lux seems shocked.

Lya: Lux I’m going to be honest, I don’t know what it is, but when I’m around you, when I’m with you, I feel safe, you make me feel like I have something to do in this world. That’s why I want to help you, we have more similar situations than you realize Lux.
Lux: Then Lya, its time I tell you the truth.

Lux helps Lya inside, although she doesn’t need help it confers the both of them.

Lux: Let me tell you about where I come from in Sinnoh, my family the “Ten” are royal guards to the long line of the Vesp family, right now the head of the family is Young Lady Quin, she has an odd fascination of me. When I was being taught how to battle I realized that I didn’t want this, I didn’t want to risk my life for someone who has only has everything handed to them, who selfishly acts to those “bellow”  her, and mistreats her servants. So I ran away. I come here to Kanto to get away from them knowing one day they would find me, I didn’t know it would be this soon.
Zan: Boy, do I know how that feels, though I ran away as a kid, but they didn’t care about me anyways so they let me go
Lya: I guess I’m somewhat of a run away too. My family is the Northern Kanto Devior’s there elegant, there graceful, they want me to do this and this, but all I wanted to do is sing, they disapproved, so I decided it was my turn to show them, I can sing, I can do what I wish. They only cared about themselves.
Fli: Bah, fine if it story time I can tell my story, being a bug type in Kanto is hard, my family is lowly and poor, I didn’t want to be like them I don’t want to lead my life to a dead end, as soon as BWA accepted me I moved out, and have been joining every type of club and every type of class, so I can to improve my grades and experience as much as I can, so I can get into college and bring my family some help.
Lux: Lya, Zan, Fli, thank you. I’m glad we can all share things like this with each other.
Lya: Feels good to let someone else know what’s always on my mind.
Fli: I can’t believe I’m agreeing with you.
Zan: Well now that the rains cleared up, I think I’m going to get Joshawott and Gika to start our Battle Club meeting.
Lux: Not a bad idea.
Fli: Um, I’ll go with you.

Fli and Zan leave, as Lya and Lux are left alone.

Lux: Lya..
Lya: What?
Lux: What you said back there about me making you feel safe, I feel the same way, you make me feel safe.

Lya’s Hair pins and eyes start to glow as she blushes looking at Lux.

Lya: (What is it about him, he’s so nice and so honest, why? What makes him do that? What is this feeling I have?)
Lux: Lya, are you ok? You seem to be breathing a bit heavy.
Lya: (Is this what I think it is? My heart is racing. I feel..feel)Lux..
Lux: What?
Lya: Lux, I feel..
Gika: Epic FLAIL!

Gika jumps into the room tackling Lux and lya to the ground.

Lya: Dizzy.
Pokemon BWA, 4
When Writing this I kinda just wanted reason behind some of my characters, and how they act. While you get the gist of Lux's story I do have a Prologue for when we get there, its counted as an extra though. We also see somewhat of Zan, Fli, and Lya's story, but don't expect to learn much about Zan or Fli just yet, because the focus in this "Act" is more centered around Lux and Lya. 

Hope you Enjoy!
Pokémon BWA Extra:2: Fli and Lya, Rivals?
In the BWA older students endure the pressure of living alone. Most students are from farther away in the region so they are sent to dorms or apartments to live while attending the BWA. Today we focus on the young girl Lya, quiet and shy but outgoing in her own right, she dreams big but still lacks confidence in her ability to sing. She’s heading out to the store for some supplies. While walking Fli passes her wearing a Jogging suit. Lya thinks nothing of it and heads into the store. At the front desk she sees a familiar face working.

Net: Welcome to Magikmart do you have a Magik Rewards car…
Lya: Hi there. How the part time job.
Net: You’re that twerpy girl that was with that Lux guy.
Lya: Oh yes you that was me but calling a customer “Twerpy” Isn’t exactly business friendly
Net: Grr… Fine is this all for you today?
Lya: Yes, thank you.
Net: Why do you need so much tea?
Lya: Because it’s good for you, and were expecting rain tomorrow. My stock is running low.
Net: Whatever. Have a “nice” day.

As Lya leaves she sees Fli walk into the store and head for the back half were the sports drinks are. As Lya begins to head out the door she hears a big “Crash.” Lya turns around to find that Fli has collapse on floor knocking over a rack of Potato Chips. Lya Rushes over to Fli and helps her up.

Fli: I’m.. fine… need 30 more minutes for my jog….
Lya: You are not fine, you’re over exhaustion. I’m taking you home.

Fli tries to push away, but realizes Lya is right. As Lya helps Fli limp back to their apartment building Fli lets out a big sigh.

Lya: Whats wrong don’t like the help?
Fli: No, it’s not that it’s just… why help me I’ve never been anything but mean to you.
Lya: Well that’s simple, because that’s what Lux would do.
Fli: Lux? Why would he help me?
Lya: Because, he always helps even if you don’t ask him. He makes sure that his friend’s needs are met. When Wotty’s running low on art supplies he spends the last of his money on them, when Zan needs to watch Wotty at the clinic but he can Lux fills in for him. When I try out a new song and I can’t get the rhythm down Lux gives me the beat. He’s…
Fli: A nice guy I get it, now I know what you see in him.

Lya blushes and gets a worried smile on her face as if she’s trying to hide it.

Lya: S-see in h-him? W-wha do ya mean?
Fli: Oh, its nothing

Lya helps Fli to her apartment, as Lya is about to leave Fli ask her a question.

Fli: Hey, Lya… I’m sorry about that comment I made the other day about your singing… you really are a great singer.
Lya: Thanks Fli, now don’t push yourself to hard, K?  Or I’ll have to get Zan over here.
Fli: Ok, Wait what!? What about Zan!? What’s that’s supposed to mean?
BWA Extra 2
Here we have yet again a Fli character development, I swear not all extra's center around Fli, this one kinda just fills you in on how Lya acts and how she views Lux, also building Fli and Lya's friendship a bit more. I just wanted to show that Fli isn't a total ass hole
“Awaken Water”
Thousands of years ago the “devil” drove his army over the world in-order to pray on people’s fears, but once a man made a deal with the “devil” for his village’s protection. The man gave his blood line to the “devil” in turn the man was granted the power of “Balance” allowing him to use the 6 elements Water, Fire, Earth, Air, Light, and Darkness. Unknowing to the man the devil intended for him to take out the heavens. When the man learns of this he lashes out at the “devil” driving him away for a short time. Within that time the man turns to his 6 closest friend giving them all 1 of the 6 elements. When the “devil” returned the man and his friends used all the elements to seal away the “devil” but at the cost of the man’s life, also ending his friend’s elemental powers. The man’s family was cursed with the power of balance, every last chilled born was given the power of Balance and the task to choose the people with the right qualities to embody the 6 elements so that if the “devil” ever rises again the world would be protected.
Now in modern day Seshiru only one short day after finding Amaris, he is heading to the school athletics club to watch the summer sports and to find who he hope to join the team. Seshiru has never been into sports but he knows someone who is.

Seshi: Bah, nothing here but guy. (Man this feels wired watching men work out, I can’t tell if it’s a demon around me or I’m just shivering.)
Janitor: Hey kid, are you allowed in here? Sports club members only ya know.

Seshi pulls out his wallet and lets the janitor see it. He seems shocked for a moment then apologizes,, as Seshi leans back an closes his eyes he feels a flash of pain come over his face as he falls back into the bleachers, Seshi raises up to hear several people laugh at him and see a basketball lying next to him.

Player: A man mind throwing dat here?
Seshi: No problem.(Let’s see basketballs have air in them, that means) “Air”

Seshi hold the ball in front of his chest like he’s calling out to the elements, then he launches it at the player and hits him directly in the face making him stumble back and fall to the ground.

Seshi: Woops, guess I should have watched where I through it, huh.
Reggi: Hey man that’s not nice to do that to one of my friends man.
Player: Yah, that ain’t nice.
Reggi: I was talking to you.
Player: Wait, what? Your friends with this “kid”?
Seshi: Grr (Control yourself Seshiru, it’s just someone not knowing who he’s talking to.)
Reggi: Dude, look do you know who he is?
Janitor: He’s Seshiru Augan, his family has full diplomatic immunity you could have just ended up in prison you dimwit.
Seshi: So please watch who you throw the ball at next time, and Reggi come see me after practice that’s the only reason I’m here.

An hour or so passes and Reggi walks out of the gym, as he and Seshi catch up on times, Seshi brings up the “Demons” in the conversation and Reggi hesitates.

Seshi: Before you say something I would like to ask, would you fight them if you could?
Reggi: Fight them, hell yeah I would fight them I pound every last one of them to the ground.
Seshi: I heard what happened from Wallace.
Reggi: You did, is that why you’re asking me?
Seshi: No, I was wanting to ask you something else.
Reggi: What’s that? I really rather stay off this topic.
Seshi: Will you fight with me?
Reggi: What?
Seshi: Wallace, Frank, Sebastian and Amaris have hall agreed to help.
Reggi: Help fight? Fight the Demons?
Seshi: Remember the story of my family I told you it’s not a folk tale its real and I want you to help.
Reggi: How would I help? I can’t do anything but sports, and everyone knows that going to be a dead end job anyway.
Seshi: I can give you the power you need, and nothing is a “Dead End” until you make it that way.
Reggi: I don’t… I can’t Seshi not now.
Seshi: If you need time I’ll give it to you. I’ll be around if you need me.

Seshi walks away and Reggi heads back inside the gym to grab a bag. As he heads inside to get the bag the night janitor walks past him.

NightJanitor: Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey Heeeeee!

The night janitor drops to his knees, as Reggi Turns around to look, as he sees the janitor’s skin seemingly disappears as a Demon Stands on top of the clothing of the janitor.

Reggi: (A Demon, no this can’t happen, this mustn’t happen)
Seshi: Do you accept Reggi?
Reggi: What Seshi, we gotta get out of here
Seshi: I don’t run and nether do you. Do you accept the power of “Water”!

Seshi puts his hands over his chest as cylinders of water appear around Seshi and Reggi protecting them from the Demon for a short time.

Reggi: Is this what I could do I could…(Protect)
Seshi: Make your choice now or never.
Reggi: I accept the power of Water to help you fight, Seshi I don’t think I’ve ever made a big decision since these dammed things attacked my family, I will do whatever it takes to stop them.

Seshi raises his hands putting his right palm on Reggi’s forehead and his left palm on Reggi’s chest. As an Aqua Blue light starts to glow around Reggi’s body, Seshi pulls out this aurora and pushes it back into Reggi, as he falls into the water he feels “awake” and forces the water to spin around his fist like gloves. He uses the water to skate across the floor as he gains momentum he then rams both his fists into the demon.

Seshi: Remember, use what comes to mind!
Reggi: (Comes to mind?) Fine, Blue Octagon!

As the water on Reggi’s arms flows into the demon it rapidly starts to shake. As Reggi closes his fist eight spikes of water comes piercing out of the demon and it disappears.

Reggi: Use this power to help, huh? Sounds like I great plan Seshi.
Seshi: Good, patrol starts tomorrow followed by training.
Reggi: Wait you never said anything about “training”!

Off in the distance Byis is watching from a roof.

Byis: Hump, Seshiru seems to have it all together, maybe master was right about him
Zeg: Yes, yes that prick likes to be right and I know he was right about Seshiru.
Byis: (Does this mean I’m the one who’s weak?)
Zeg: Oh, when are you going to learn?
Byis: Hey, I didn’t summon you here to ask your opinion of me. I did it so I can size up Seshiru’s power.

<To Be Continued>
Balance, Awaken Water
Long time no Balance ay? Anyways, I wanted to show off one of my good ling time friends in this through the character of Reggi. Though recently this friend hasn't really been in my life hes still a great friend who loves the sport he plays an loves the family he has. He may seem a bit hard at 1st but hes really just a big softy. Really I only have about one more of Balance done and the rest is kinda not even half way written. 

But, as always, I Hope You Enjoy.
Recently I've been uploading slowly on BWA instead of the schedule I had planned for it, this is because of personal issues, but I wont have that anymore. I plan on uploading BWA every Sunday now and on Balance I will /Try/ to Upload it on Wednesday, or at least what I have of it.(three-ish more chapters) I will try and start writing that again because I've Re-Grown interest in it. 

As always, I Hope You Enjoy~
Pokémon: Black White Academy:  “Epic Flail!“ ”The Undermon!”

In a world much like your own, the everyday people embody the spirit of amazing creators called Pokémon, these creators are long extinct and live on in us. It’s been a week since I met my friend Lux, Life seems normal. The same thing every day, Lux waits for me to get ready, we walk to school, we meet Zan and Joshawott, and then we head to home room in class C-33 and start our day. It seems today is the day that the fun begins. As Lux and I get settled at our desks we wait for Ms. Arb to come in.

Lya: (Lux seems quite today; wonder what he’s thinking of?)
Riu: Hehe.
Lya: What?
Riu: Nothing, it’s just so obvious
Lya: And what is “it”
Riu: Oh, please like you don’t know what “it” is.
Lya: Well I don’t tell me.

As Lya and Riu continue to bicker over “It” as Lux is in deep through.

Lux: (Finally a normal life? I know they’re out there looking for me still, but I like my life here. I like to see Lya, Zan, and Joshawott every day. I know one day they’re going to find me here, I just hope it’s no time soon.)
Lya: Lux, hey Lux, snap out of it class is beginning
Lux: Oh, sorry, just thinking.
Ms. Arb: Before we begin, I’d like to remind you about the pep rally thiss afternoon about the BCT. Alright, let’ss begin with chapter three.

After class Lya and Lux head to the sports building to watch the pep rally for the Battle Club Tournament (BCT). Lux and Lya find a seat near Zan and Joshawott.

Zan: Glad you guys could make it.
Joshawott: Hi Lux ’n Lya.
Lya: At least this isn’t totally boring. I mean Fli could be here.
Fli: Mmp!
Lya: Oh I’m sorry, did I affined you?
Fli: Yes you did, green haired twit!
Lya: Well excuse me, dingy black haired bug!
Lux: Hey now let’s calm down, the battles between Dragoon and Freedom, Not us.

A Teacher named Ms. Netal hits both Lya and Fli on the head.

Lya: Aw!
Fli: What was that for?
Ms. Netal: Because you too won’t shut up. People are trying to enjoy this time ya’know!
Lya & Fli: Sorry Ms. Netal.
Ms. Netal: Wait, One, Two, Three, Four, Five… Darn If only you had one more.
Lux: One more for what?
Ms. Netal: A battle club, you need 6 members and your all a strong bunch, some of you at least.
Lya: Are you kidding me I would never consider being in a group with her. Why are you even here?
Zan: Well she is my neighbor.
Fli: Yeah, neighbor…
Fli and Zan look away from everyone and seem to be blushing.
Lya: Oh, I see what it is.
Fli: And what is “it”?
Lya: Please you should know what “it” is…(Oh, wait is that what it was with Riu?)

Lya franticly looks away with her face fully red, as Lux asks her if she ok, she franticly flails her hands

Lux: Hey Lya, are you alright?
Lya: Fine, fine, fine, fine, fine, fine, fine, fine,!(Stupid, stupid, stupid,)

A young girl in red full body swim suit and a yellow tiara and strip away pants walks up the steps and trips landing face first on the ground.

Joshawott: Oh, Hi Gika.
Gika: Awe… hi, Wotty.

Joshawott helps Gika up and she sits down.

Zan: Bit of a Klutz?
Gika: Yeah, the best thing I can do is Flail.
Lya: (She seems so lost. I remember when I was like that.)

Lux kneels down to talk to Gika.

Lux: Hey, just because all you can really do I Flail doesn’t mean anything, you can be the strongest of battlers one day just never doubt yourself. I once doubted myself when all I could do was Tackle. Now I love to battle. So even if all you can do is Flail, make it one epic flail.

Gika: Thank you sir.
Lux: I’m no sir by any means just call me Lux
Lya: (There he goes again, being the good guy in it all. Is that why he’s my friend?)
Zan: Hey look the Dragoons are coming out on the field.

One by one the Dragoons come out and stand in formation, first is there leader, Arch, followed by Agoni, Gabi, Ygo, Mance, and lastly Onair. On the other side of the gym is the Freedom represents, first is Riu, followed by Ada, Ana, Megiu, Mag, and lastly their leader Shin. The two teams come up shake hands as the intercom echoes in the gym.

Intercom: Welcome BWA students, this year these teams have Chosen six represents from their club to battle here today to earn the right to battle in the school wide tournament. And remember you have all this week to get at least six people and make your own battle club.

Lux: Ms. Netal.
Ms. Netal: What is it noobi?
Lux: Why did you want us to be a battle club?
Ms. Netal: I think you would enjoy it, I mean your brother sure did.

Lux is hesitant for a second, as he looks down and stairs at the ground.

Lya: You have a brother Lux?
Lux: Yeah his name is Ray Ten, I have just about every ability he has, but he’s just stronger.
Zan: Wait you mean Ten, as in the royal families of Sinnoh private bodyguards and assassins?
Lux: Yeah that’s pretty much the nail on the head.
Ms. Netal: Well, I didn’t mean to start anything. Didn’t know you wanted it a secret.
Lux: Lya.
Lya: What Lux?
Lux: Remember when you told me to tell you when I’m going to do something crazy?
Lya: Yes, where are you getting at?
Lux: Let’s make a battle club.
Lya: What! Are you for real, you know I don’t like to battle!
Lux: But you said you’d help if I needed it and I need your help.
Lya: (Arceus damn promise!) Fine Lux but, what about the other members?
Lux: Look around.
Zan: I’m game, I’m sure Joshawott would like to as well.
Joshawott: And Gika too, right?
Gika: But, I can’t just… Fine lets Epic Flail at it!
Fli: Hold up I won’t join your band of under rated spirits none of you are fully evolved and Zan can’t even evolve.
Lya: But it will look good on a collage application.
Fli: Ah, damn it why are you right.
Lux: That’s it were under rated, but were still strong.
Joshawott: We’re Undermon!
Ms. Netal: Well I didn’t expect you all to come together so quickly, you can use my room as your club area and I’ll submit your paper work for you.
Lux: Thanks Ms. Netal.
Ms. Netal: (Lux Ten, Lya Devior, Zan Goo, Fli Beauty, Joshawott Dekkwott, Gika Dose, I hope you all like the plan I have for you.)

As they watch the rest of the battle it’s down to the last round, the score is Freedom 2 and Dragoon 3, the last battle will be, the meganium girl Megiu, and the gabite girl Gabi. As they both get into their positions the buzzer goes off and they begin.  Gabi attacks first by charging forward using Dragon Claw, Megiu takes the hit, as she counters Gabi by spinning with Dragon Tail. This knocks Gabi on the floor for a second.

Megiu: You’re not half bad, for a mid-evo.

Gabi says nothing as she charges forward again, this time with Shadow Claw. Magiu jumps above and spins again hitting Gabi again with a Dragon Tail this time knocking her to the ground for good.

Intercom: The Match is Over Gabi is unable to battle! The Final Score is 3-3 this match is a draw! That means both teams will have to face off again within the next week!

Lux watches Gabi as se slowly goes back to Dragoon, as Lux sees Arch Slap Gabi Across the face and yell something at her.

Lux: Ms.Netal..
Ms.Netel: Yes, Lux?
Lux: Can we request our 1st match?
Pokemon BWA, 3
In honesty everytime I read over this it feels a bit rushed, even when I was writing it I felt like I was rushing. But it does set the part of the main plot for these acts an does set up the Undermon(still rushed) but I think it was an ok move on my end

Home You Enjoy~


Austin Cecil Aungan
Artist | Student | Photography
United States
I'm just a 18 year old who has many interest, mostly anime. I currently working on my~
"Pokemon BWA"
I hope to to share my feelings and ideas of what is right through my Writing, and my enjoyment of drawing with you.

Current Residence: Kentuky

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