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Welp, I'm really liking the Slow but progressive work on BWA, it also has only 2 more Chapters to go before the end of Act 1 which at that point I'll take a small break on it. Luckily though I recently have been wanting to work on Sprites again. they wont be utter shit like my last ones. This time I've decided to scrap the Sword of Hope Time Line leaving it where it is. Though Some changes will be made. I have started work on a synopsis of Volts adventure through his life, to a point, Along with wanting to make  a Quick run by script for his main adventures which I'm thinking each will be 3 chapters.... not as much character building as I wanted but it still helps. The Synopsis will be a summery of the adventure without the main character building but all the plot. After thats out Chapters and a Timeline of Volt's adventures will be released one by one. Sos Sprites, Sonic, Less of the fun stuff, thats the shit man.

I Hope you Enjoy!


Pokémon: Black White Academy:  “Simple Days, Meeting Ricito!”  

In a world much like your own, the everyday people embody the spirit of amazing creators called Pokémon, these creators are long extinct and live on in us. As the day passes into night we all decide to stay at Lya’s for the night. In the morning we all head home for the short yet fun weekend of peace, the following Monday we head to school. In class C-33 Asua and Riu are excited to see me and Lya again.

Asua: Keep it down Riu…
Riu: Eh, sorry. But seriously where have you been! what's with all the bandages wh-
Asua: Riu Enough.
Lux&Lya: family issues…
Asua: You two seem to be off today.
Lux: What do you mean?
Asua: You seem closer.

Lux and Lya look at each other and blush as they quickly look away.

Asua: Riu… keep your voice down…

The whole class is looking at them in the back.

Riu: Oh, um sorry... Nothing to see….
Asua: So when did you too hook up?
Riu: Yeah Lux, from on electric type to another how did you get your static cling together?

The bell Rings as Ms. Arb walks in.

Ms. Arb Sit down class to your seats, we have 2 new students joining us today. Also Lux, Lya, good to see you both ok and back in class.

The class starts to get excited about these new students unknowing to them.

Ms. Arb: The 1st new student is Quinela Vesp, and the 2nd is Ricito Vesp. Ladies please introduce yourselves.

Quin: Hello fellow students, I’m Quinela Vesp but you may call me Quin. I do believe that Lux and Lya already know me.
Ricito: Hello everyone it’s nice to meet you, I’m Ricito Vesp, I love to play music maybe you might catch me playing sometime daring break. Also ignore what my cousin says half the time.
Quin: Hey!
Ms. Arb That’s enough ladies, Quinela you can have the seat right here up front. Ricito you can take the seat there behind Lux the one with the big blue ears.

Quin and Ricito sit down and Ms. Arb begins class for the day. At the end of class Ricito is the 1st to leave as Riu and Asua try getting more information out of Lux and Lya.

Lya: I told you all I could geez lay off already.
Riu: Sorry but just tell me come on!
Lya: Fine! *mumbles* “we shared a k-kiss…”
Riu: What was that I could hear you?
Lya: *Mumbles* “We shared a kiss…”
Asua: Lya you have to stop mumbling…

Lux looks over at Lya and nods.

Lux: We shared a kiss.

Riu fails her arms frantically trying to speak but she seems to have winded herself.

Asua: Breath Riu…

As Asua tries to get Riu calm, Lux and Lya leave and head to their next class. Then lunch time rolls around and they meet the rest of the Undermon outside.

Rados: I think you could be a bit calmer about it…

Lya sends a small Psyshock pebble at Zan.

Zan: I didn’t even say anything!?
Lya: I know I just don’t wanna hurt Gika.
Fli: Hehe.
Gabi: Never a dull moment with Gika around.
Gika: Ya’know it!
Joshawott: If only you knew…
Lux: So I talked to Ms. Netal this morning and it seems someone has put in a request to battle us.
Zan: Really who?
Lux: The k-

Lux stops himself at the tune of a peaceful melody playing though the school courtyard. Everyone looks around and notices someone sitting in the tree in the middle of the court yard. The tune is coming from a violin  and a girl wearing a red dress Lux notices that this is Ricito and walks over to her. As the tune dies down Ricito notices Lux and the rest of the Undermon standing under the tree looking at her. She blushes and falls backward out of the tree. Lya helps her stand up.

Ricito: Thank you.
Lya: No problem.
Lux: Still good as ever Ricito.
Zan: That was Amazing I haven’t heard a tune like that in forever.
Fli: It was truly something from the heart.
Ricito: Eheh, thank you all but that’s nothing special.
Gika: Are you kidding me! That’s like saying the thing Lya and Lux have for each other is nothing special.
Rados: How long are you gonna milk that?
Gika: Until they kiss again.

Lux and Lya blush and turn away, while over on the other side of the court yard Quin watches them from the distance.

Quin: (Why that should be me! Not that green haired tramp! ME! ME! ME! ME!)

The Undermon and Ricito get settled and finish their lunch.

Zan: So Lux who wants to battle us again?
Lux: Oh some club called the Kimono Sister Hood or the KSH.
Ricito: Club?
Zan: Guess your new it’s a battle club it’s a club that comes together to battle one another for sport.
Ricito: I’m assuming that’s what the whole Undermon thing my cousin was complaining about was?
Zan: I don’t know who’s your cousin?
Ricito: Quinela Vesp, that girl that was after Lux a few days ago.

Everyon looks a Ricito in confusion.

Ricito: What?
Lux: Guys relax if it wasn’t for Ricito I prolly wouldn’t have been here in the 1st place. She’s helped me escape Quin two  times now so.
Zan: Well a story for another day.
Ricito: Actually I want to ask you something Lux.
Lux: Yeah?
Ricito: I know I’m not any good at batting but… I want to join your the Undermon.
Lux: Ok, I’ll go tell Ms. Netal, I see her next class change anyway.
Ricito: Really! Just like that?!
Lya: Lux is too honest ya’know.
Gabi: Honest that’s the word.
Rados: That he is.
Zan: A little too much.
Fli: But hey that’s why we all trust him right?
Joshawott: You know it!
Gika: Yeah, He’s always good to keep us cheery!
Lux: Wow didn’t know you guys held me so highly…
Lya: I don’t know about them but I know I do.

Lux and Lya look at one another and each move closer to the other and they share another kiss as Lya’s hair pins glow slightly.

Gika: Still gonna Milk it.
Pokeon BWA, 12
Eh, last chapter kinda rushed, I've been busy doing things? (KingsIsland :.D) so uhhh.....? Yeah here it is iv been working on Act 2 which will be here sometime im about a little past half way on that sos as always
I Hope You Enjoy.
Pokémon: Black White Academy:  “Lya's confession?!, Lady Quin's Rage!”  

In a world much like your own, the everyday people embody the spirit of amazing creators called Pokémon, these creators are long extinct and live on in us. I stand beaten and battered wondering about what just happen, is Lya alright, what is going on? As I stand in awe at this sphere of energy the rest of the Undermon come rushing in through the gate.

Lux: What…
LadyDevi: You see you young brat, the Devior family has a curse on them.
Daatingu: The Curse of true love.
LadyDevi: That’s why all our members are forcefully put into marriage so something like this doesn’t happen.
Lux: What exectly is happening…
Daatingu: Lya feels love for someone she was about to confess it.
LadyDevi: That someone is you, you twit.
Lux: A curse… why?
Daatingu: It’s said that a young Devior long ago tricked a witch of sorts to take something they both loved. The witch used this love to place the family under a curse that destroys any living thing that gets near that sphere everything except the person in the center.
Lux: You know telling people these things might be a good idea.
LadyDevi: A Devior must be married to know.
Lux: Is there a way to break it?
Daatingu: If there was we would have tried long ago.

The rest of the Undermon are running up the hill.

Lux: Lya’s father.
Daatingu: Daatingu, if you wish.
Lux: Daatingu… You knew my father correct and considered him a friend or ally?
Daatingu: Toraa was a great friend yes. If you’re his kid I consider you one as well.
LadyDevi: Daa!
Daatingu: Its Ok my Lady.

The Undermon stop and all begin to breath a bit heavy but not from the walk up the path. Daatingu also begins to breathe Heavy.

LadyDevi: Daa!
Zan: What is happening man…
Fli: Lux are you using our power again?
Rados: I think he is.
Gika&Wotty: I feel Dizzy
Ms. Netal Lux what is going on?
Lux: To break a curse of love... break it with love, cliché I know. But that’s the hope we have at the moment.
Undermon: What?

Lux begins to charge a Wild Charge but the electric seems to not even be a color it appears iridescent. As he walks into the sphere the energy around him pushes the energy of the sphere back for a few seconds.

LadyDevi: How is he…
Daatingu: The Ten Eye is their own families curse that allows the user to change his electric type moves to other types. The type can only be changed if both him and the owner of that type consider each other companions, the down side is that it puts a strain on the type owner.
Zan: That’s why he doesn't use it he doesn't wanna hurt us.
Fli: But, he’s using it now… to get Lya out?
Daatingu: Yes it appears that way.

As Lux pushes farther and farther though the sphere he sees a silhouette.

Lux: LYA!

Lux’s body is barely holding up against the waves of energy pulsing off Lya. He finally gets to Lya and puts his hand on her shoulders, he looks into her glowing eyes and she starts to stay something.

Lya: L-Lux I-I’m sor-

Lya’s words are cut off my Lux’s Lips meeting hers. A bright Pink Light sparks around them as the sphere dissipates and Lya and Lux stand there sharing something they both long awaited.

Daatingu: Ehem. That is still my daughter.

Lux and Lya separates from their kiss.

Lux: Sorry Sir.
Lya: Hehe.
Zan: Aw, you lucky lil leo.
Fli: Well that took ya long enough.
Gika: Woot! Finally you too kiss!
Joshawott: It’s about time!
Gabi: I’m glad for you both.
Rados: Oh you two are always love birds.
Ms.Netal: To be young again, what I wouldn't give for that feeling of love.

Lux and Lya turn away blushing but holding hands. They hear yelling down the hill that sounds like Quin.

Lux: Undermon Prep for battle!
Undermon: Right!
Daatingu: mmm…

Everyone gets into a line formation Zan, Fli, Gabi, Rados, Gika, and Joshawott in that order stand in front of Lux and Lya. As lady Quin and her guards make it up the hill they see the Undermon standing in formation.

LadyQuin: Wha? Why are you so organized! Tara Leon Ray take them down!
Lux: Gabi, Zan on Leon. Fli, Rados take on Tara. Wotty, Gika Support them. Lya think you can help me this time?
Lya: Been waiting for you to ask.
Undermon: Let’s go!

Gabi and Zan take the lead ahead as Zan jumps on Leon’s solder and Gabi begins an Earthquake to knock Leon off his feet as Zan knocks him out using Thunder Fang. Rados and Fli fly over to Tara in the air Fli sends out an Air Cutter and strikes Tara’s left site as Rados flies up on his right side and summons her spirit and Ice Fang’s him to the ground knocking him out. Lux charges up a Wild Charge with Lya Prepping a Psyshock that takes in some of Lux’s Electric. Lux flies forward at Ray as Lya lets the Psyshock follow, as Lux slams into Ray the Psyshock pebbles also slam into Ray, Lux then rebounds and lands on his feet letting out a Roar forcing Ray farther back. Lya then builds up a Bolder Psyshock and lets it fly at Ray but he jumps out of the way only to be Night Slashed by Lux, Ray is then slammed back against the flying bolder knocking him out. Lady Quin stands in awe at the Undermon.

Lux: I stand by what I said Quin your Greedy and you need a lesson in giving, cuz all I’ve ever seen you do is take.
Daatingu: Well spoken, Boy. After seeing the teamwork just now I can tell you all have great bonds, I think I’ll allow Lya to continue to stay in the city.
LadyDevi: But Daa, we can’t jus-
Daatingu: Devina I think it’s time we let her grow up and follow her own path.
LadyDevi: But, fine. I trust your judgment.
Lya: Mother, Father, Thank you.

The Undermon leave and head back to Lya’s apartment.

Gika&Wotty: PARTY TIME!

Zan: My head still hurts keep it down.
Fli: Hehe.
Gabi: So no that that’s all over with, what now?
Lux: We fight whatever team come’s next, together.

Lux puts his hand on Lya’s hand under the table.
Pokemon BWA,11
Woot almost done b-ba-baka! (Idk dont ask xD) Welp one more to go! then act one will be complete... For once I'm happy. so yeah 

As Always I Hope You Enjoy!
Welp, I'm really liking the Slow but progressive work on BWA, it also has only 2 more Chapters to go before the end of Act 1 which at that point I'll take a small break on it. Luckily though I recently have been wanting to work on Sprites again. they wont be utter shit like my last ones. This time I've decided to scrap the Sword of Hope Time Line leaving it where it is. Though Some changes will be made. I have started work on a synopsis of Volts adventure through his life, to a point, Along with wanting to make  a Quick run by script for his main adventures which I'm thinking each will be 3 chapters.... not as much character building as I wanted but it still helps. The Synopsis will be a summery of the adventure without the main character building but all the plot. After thats out Chapters and a Timeline of Volt's adventures will be released one by one. Sos Sprites, Sonic, Less of the fun stuff, thats the shit man.

I Hope you Enjoy!
Pokémon: Black White Academy:  “Lux's Friend Lya!, Battle of Devior!”  

In a world much like your own, the everyday people embody the spirit of amazing creators called Pokémon, these creators are long extinct and live on in us. I finally made it to the Devior’s mansion, too Lya. (He finally made it to my home, to me.) Now before me I see her but I’m stopped by her family. (He’s finally here but he can’t reach me, because of my family.)  But that won’t stop me, her family can’t bind her here not as Iong as this feeling is here.(He won’t stop, not until he knows I’m safe. I think I know this feeling now.)

Lux: Damn it get out of my way!

Lux lets off a large discharge of lightning that knocks the three ninja back, as Daatingu moves out of the way just in time then disappears and reappear behind Lux Slicing him in the back with Leaf Blade. Lux falls to the ground with Daatingu standing over him.

Daatingu: Anata wa watashi no jitaku ni shin'nyu suru kenri inai.(Do you think you can invade my home?)
Lux: I don’t really care if you couldn’t tell. I have a friend that needs me.
Daatingu: Tomodachi?(Friend?)
Lux: That’s right my friend do you know anyone you can consider a friend?!

Lux lunges up and strikes Daatingu with Ice Fang sending him back a bit before Lux lets out a Roar forcing Daatingu back even farther, but he still keeping his ground.

Daatingu: Shonen wa, furui yujin o omoidasaseru, Ten Rentoraa.(You remind me of an old friend Ten Rentoraa)

Lux’s eyes widen.

Lux: So you do know my father… Oh well I might be like him but I’m not him.

Lux’s Eyes glow and he begins a Wild Charge but the electric energy began to turn red like fire. Lux dashes forward toward Daatingu, but he doesn’t move. Instead he catches Lux and stops him from hitting him. Lux then takes this chance to strike with Night Slash at Daatingu hitting him in the gut. As Lady Devi runs out and lets off a massive Psyshock at Lux Hitting him with baseball sized rocks, Lya see’s Lux fall to the ground and she tries to pry open the window without any luck.

Lya: LUX!
LadyDevi: Why would you go all this way for a little girl who doesn’t even know her place in this world?
Lux: You’re wrong…
LadyDevi: I’m wrong you say, care elaborating on that statement?

Lux struggles to stand while he holds his bleeding arm.

Lux: How do you know where she stands, do you even know your daughter? Her favorite color, her favorite places? What she wants to do for herself? Tell me where she stands then?
LadyDevi: Why… s-she stands in the Deviors. To be a wife of a wealthy man someday. You have no idea what our family is about do you?
Lux: I don’t care, you just avoided my questions. You don’t know your daughter! She loves the color white, her favorite place is the closed auditorium so she can hear her voice echo as she sings, she wants to be a singer. You don’t know your daughter.
Daatingu: You have no Idea, what you’re talking about.
Lux: So you do know English.
Daatingu: My lady let us finish this.
LadyDevi: Yes.

Lady Devi and Daatingu stand with Lux between them, as Lady Devi summons up several Large Psyshock rocks and Daatingu summons up a large Leaf Tornado.

Daatingu: Devior!
LadyDevi: Final!

They both strike Lux at the same time with both razor sharp leaves and large rocks cutting and slamming unto him being spun around in the tornado seemingly paper in the wind till he reaches the top of the tornado about 20 feet in the air as it disappears and Lux comes falling to the ground. Lya watches helplessly as her friend falls and hits the ground bruised and bleeding, she begins to cry.

Lya: Lux! Lux! Lux…

Lady Devi and Daatingu walk inside as several maids come outside to take Lux to the front gate. Just as Lady Devi is about to shut the door Lux springs up and Wild Charges passed them all, and stands in front of the grand stair case.

LadyDevi: How in the world are you still moving!?
Lux: Because…*Huff* a friend needs me. *Huff*

Lady Devi begins a Psyshock and sends 5 bolder size rocks toward Lux, he then jumps in the air hitting all of them away each landing in random areas of the main hall, one hitting and smashing through the right upper wall and into Lya’s room. Lya looks out shocked and teary eyed to see Lux standing there looking up at her..

Lya: Lux!

Lya Leaps out of the broken wall from the 2nd floor down to the main entrance and Lux runs to catch her. Lux and Lya are finally together again

LadyDevi: Foolish child what are you…
Lya: Lux I’m so glad you came I knew you would.
Lux: Its ok Lya, I won’t ever let my friend be forced to do something.
Lya: Still just a friend?!? Because I want to-

Lya is cut off by a sharp pain in her head as her eyes and hair pins begin to glow brighter than ever, as if a blinding light Lya’s body begins to glow and creates a sphere around her, Daatingu jumps over by Lux grabbing him and dragging him outside and letting him go in the front of the Mansion.

Lux: What…
Pokemon BWA, 10
Uh, few weeks  late... yeah, life that's all I can say. Anyways the slightly shitty Japanese makes a nice comeback I'm glad Daating isn't that big of a character other than technically being an antagonist kinda? Anyways Re-BWA is almost done with the 2nd Chapter but it is coming along i expect it to be done by the end of the month.

I Hope you Enjoy.
Pokémon: Black White Academy:  “Lady Quin's Greed!, Lya's Return home...”  

In a world much like your own, the everyday people embody the spirit of amazing creators called Pokémon, these creators are long extinct and live on in us. As I wake up restrained, and a bit dizzy, I look around and notice I’m on a boat most likely on my way back to Sinnoh. I sit and Sigh then notice the boat is rocking like small waves are hitting it, which means were just off the cost anchored… then I hear a familiar voice, the voice of my friend Ricito.

Ricito: Lux, It would be great to see you again if you weren’t locked in there.
Lux: Why are you here?
Ricito: I got my uncle to let me come along with Quin.
Lux: Well I’m sorry that I couldn’t take you along back then.
Ricito: Stop saying sorry there’s no reason too. So what have you been doing the past 3 months?
Lux: I started school met friends. Great friends, Met Lya… Started a battle club and I’ve had fun.
Ricito: Friends? Lya? Tell me who they are.
Lux: 1st theres Lya, sees a bit demanding when you know her but she’s really just shy, she wants to sing more than anything else. I hear her practice every night and I mean every night. Then there’s Zan he’s a nice guy who just enjoys battles from what happened at the battle with Dragoon he seems to have his morals straight he’s got someone to protect at least. There’s Joshawott though, we all call him Wotty now because of Gika, Wotty is a very skilled arty type of person sure he’s young but he knows when to get serious and when not to. Gika is the same age as Wotty she’s a bit of a Klutz but she doesn’t care, she is determined to be as strong as her sister Rados. Rados is really shy but very strong, she’s really just afraid of herself for being herself. Fli is a very hard working person who strides to be the best at everything only so she can give to her  family. Finally we have Gabi, she’s a strong battler and holds herself to respect others though she may be a little too respectful to see how wrong her sister is, shes also a bit timid.. Those are my friends and they're all so great.
Ricito: That settles it then.

Ricito puts a key in the lock and turns it. the lock falls to the ground she pulls open the door.

Lux: What!?
Ricito: The captain says there’s gonna be a storm in a day or so, so were anchored a few miles of the cost in international waters, but you can still see the city. Go Lux, Go

Lux is hesitant at first but then dashes out of the sell and toward the stairs he makes it to the 1st stair landing as he turns the corner Ray stands in front of him.

Ray: My orders were to capture and hold you “In Kanto” were in international waters at the moment so…

Ray turns to the side to let Lux pass.

Ray: Go Lux, there’s people waiting for you.

Lux heads up the next 3 flights of stairs before making it to the deck of the ship, there he runs to the rails and looks over to see the city in the distance. Right before he leaps off Lady Quin runs up behind him yelling to stop.

LadyQuin: Stop Luxy! You know how I feel… I had my dad pay a lot for this boat just so I could get you.
Lux: Quin, I haven’t always been sure of things, but now there are two things I am sure of.
LadyQuin: And they are?
Lux: The first is that you’re a greedy spoiled brat that needs more discipline and learn to respect others. And the second is… I know my heart beats... but not for you.
Ray: My lady I believe we must let him go.
LadyQuin: Grrr, you will be hearing from my father Ray!

Lux jumps off the boat landing on the water using wild charge to lift himself just above it and he begins to dash across the water. It takes him a few minutes before he’s about half a mile to shore when he sees something orange flying in the distance, its Agoni.

Agoni: Grab my hand!

Lux jumps up and grabs Agoni’s hand and Agoni begins to fly full speed to the docs.

Lux: Why are you here?
Agoni: Because Gabi needed a favor.

Agoni and Lux land at the Docs where the Undermon and Ms. Netal are waiting.

Rados: Thank goodness you’re alright.
Zan: Lux you alright?
Lux: I’m fine but, where’s Lya?

The Undermon stand with their heads down.

Gabi: They returned her to her family.
Lux: They…
Zan: I know Lux she hates them, but there was nothing we could do also do you realize it’s been 3 days?
Gika: Lux are we gonna go get Lya back?
Zan: Gika I told you to not s-
Lux: Yes. The Deviors are on the North end of town in the hills right?
Ms. Netal: Yes that’s where they are but how do you plan to get there so quickly.

Lux’s eyes change to have a slit in the middle this time with a red ring around them.

Lux: I think I’ll use this.
Rados: Anyone else feeling slightly light headed?
Fli: Yeah I do just a bit.
Lux: Sorry guys I’m borrowing you’re flying type.
Rados&Fli: What?!

Lux’s body begins to build up a wild charge but the electric glow seems to feel more like wind. Lux takes a couple of seconds too ready himself, as he takes off a big burst of wind blast behind him.

Zan: Welp there he goes.
Fli: Let’s all follow him then.
Ms. Netal: everyone back in the van.

As Lux is flying through the city he’s eyes are only focused on one thing. The hills right outside of the city.

Lux: (Lya I’m coming for you, don’t worry)

At the Devior Mansion Lya is sitting in her room looking at a dress hanging up on the wall, her door opens and a maid and Lady Devi walk in.

LadyDevi: Look at that beautiful dress it will look so good on you next year.
Lya: No it won’t because you won’t hold me here that long.
LadyDevi: You Ungrateful brat if only you knew what I was saving you from.
Lya: You’re not saving me from anything you sheltering me in this place so I can grow up to be a trophy to someone who doesn’t really care about me.
LadyDevi: Like you know anything about Love Hmf. I’ll lock this door and it will stay locked until you come to your senses.

LadyQuin and the maid leave as Lya hears a click from the door handle. Lya sits by the window looking out over the city and notices some type of wind fling off of certain buildings.

Lya: What in the world…?

Outside Lux finally makes it to the outside of the city and begins his way up the hill to the front gate of the mansion. Standing outside is Gale keeping guard.

Gale: Wait right there you have no business here lea-

Gale is cut off my Lux Slashing him in the gut with Night Slash and falls to the ground

Lux: I don’t have time for that.

Lux jumps the gate and runs up the long walkway to the front of the mansion where he looks up and sees Lya in the window, Lya also sees Lux out of the window and her Eyes and Hair Pins begin to glow. When Lux is about to try and jump up to the window 3 Ninja like people appear and so does Lya’s father Daatingu.

Daatingu: Kogeki wa ikite iru kare o tamotsu.

Ninjask: Hai!

The Ninja’s use ExtremeSpeed to dart around in a circle surrounding Lux. Lux Lets out a Large discharge.

Lux: Damn It out of my way!
Pokemon BWA, 9
So.. 2 days late... yeah bloop... Welp this isnt exactly how i wanted it to end up but hey slightly shitty Japanese :, D. Aside from that it is going where I want it too. and the Re-BWA is moving along slowly but fantastically..

As always I hope you Enjoy


Austin Cecil Aungan
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I'm just a 18 year old who has many interest, mostly anime. I currently working on my~
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I hope to to share my feelings and ideas of what is right through my Writing, and my enjoyment of drawing with you.

Current Residence: Kentuky

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