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So among the sharing of ideas with a friend, he offered to draw the many characters of my story "Pokemon BWA." Along with this hes basically become my proof reader and has taken it to himself to help write the lacking imagery in the story.(Which I cannot thank him enough for.) So BWA will get a re-release prolly starting soon. I don't want to set a date on the re-release because I'm lazy and I've got so much on my plate already with Work, School, and my now tore ankle. But Aside from all the I'll Prolly finish releasing Act one of BWA and whatever scraps of Balance are still roaming my files.

Anyways, as always I hope you Enjoy~


Pokémon: Black&White Academy: “New student Arrives!”

In a world much like your own, the everyday people embody the spirit of amazing creators called Pokémon, these creators are long extinct and live on in us. My story begins in the esteemed Black&White Academy, located in the Kanto region, known worldwide for it's amazing battle clubs and sports reputation. The building itself is a large circular structure with several smaller buildings branching off through elevated straightaways. In the main building; class C-33 the day starts normal and chatter is going about the room.
I, a stout Kirlia named Lya, am sitting legs crossed in the 2nd to last desk; on the left side of the classroom. My eyes are transfixed through the window that peers down at the BWAs C-courtyard. Decorative shrubbery and plant life are splayed throughout the area creating little terraces. A dainty circular cobblestone resting spot in the middle. On it are two wooden benches, set up in a parallel fashion that are shaded by some large sycamore trees towering over them. Another feature that the C-courtyard had was that it is adjoined to the school library that sat directly to the right of it. There's only a single figure sitting in the courtyard if you could even call it that, the person was tiny. Shorter than some of the first years, but she would have to be one of the high schoolers because the courtyard was off limits to middle schoolers while their classes were near or in session, and the fact she was pretty busty from the looks of it *jealous stare*. It appeared she had her face dug into a book rather indignantly. You'd think it was apart of her face otherwise, but that's enough of this riff-raff. I noticed I had stared at this person long enough; I was starting to creep myself out. So I decided to focus on what was happening in class instead. I could hear the other students idle gossip as I redirect my attention on to them. Through the chatter of a nearby group of Dugtrio I hear them say,”new student”. This hits me with a certain distaste as it’s been an almost impregnable topic lately. Two days to be exact. I don’t see what all this hype is about; they act as if theres never been a new student here before. I say, mentally bickering with myself. Lost in thought I don’t notice a silhouette snooping up to me. All of a sudden i’m caught off guard by a pair darty eyes popping up from the edge of my desk and a sudden yelp from myself. It was only Riu, a Raichu with shoulder length brunette hair, and a penchant of asking others to join her battle club. She was a regular occurrence when it came to this. She wore a simple orange t-shirt with three, large brown horizontal tiger striplets on both sides and a waist pleat skirt of similar color. Her face was round and gave off the nature of that of a marshmallow, very soft and a hint of warmness added to them. Her eyes were a deep brown that had shown a liking to me as she had her gaze stuck to me at the moment about to spurt something unimportant.
“I wonder if it’s gonna be a boy or girl? We could always use more girls on Freedom Ya’ know.” Riu said with a hint of excitement. I furrowed my brow at this “Riu, How many times must I say “I don’t want to join a battle club”? I said assuming it was just another one of her ploys to get me to join hers. “I wonder if the newby is a battler!?” she said completely ignoring my comment. “Is this all you ever talk about.” I said raising my eyebrow. “Maybe…” she let out slowly. “Hey where’s Asau?” she said, quickly changing the subject. “Don’t know, don’t really talk to her” I said simply. “Mmmm!”she gave with a puff of her cheeks.”Why don’t you ever talk to anyone!” she said sulking away.

Just outside the schools C-section a large flat-stone splayed corridor sits by the main buildings many sliding entryways, cutting it off from the courtyard just outside. The walls of the corridor wrap around the entirety of BWA allowing easy access to and from class sections. In it a Bulbasaur named Asau is taking Riu’s younger sister, Chu, a Pichu to her class “Hey c’mon were gonna be late if ya’ don’t get off yer’ butt’n hurry”! Says Asua, when a shadow ball erupts from a low lit area under one of the one fourth-circle struts poking out of the BWAs main building. Only a few inches away from hitting Asua, ruffling her hair slightly as it passes her head. Both are startled stricken for a second having just been attacked by an unknown pursuer. As Asau gains back her bearings; she hunches into a fighting stance then looks back at Chu to see if shes ok, and gives a look of relief as Chu appears unscathed. “Chu get back”!, “Who’s there”!?,”If it’s you Net, I told Rai I’d pay you back tomorrow”!...

A Banette appears from the shadows with a shadow ball in her hand moving it around like a pair of dice. Shes around an average heighted skinny girl with stony gray hair messily put up in a ponytail. Her dress utters simplicity as it is only arrayed with a few golden zippers and the skirt of the dress ending in a godet. The seems of the charcoal colored dress appear tattered as if a relic of clothing a generation past. She gives the pair an apprehensive look before opening her mouth to speak.

“I’m sorry I don’t take payment late, Here’s what you get” her words laced with poison. She stares at Asau with a cold half-lidded stare as if reading her. “Asau”! Chu screams as she sees Net rearing to attack. Net twirls her torso at a forty-five degree angle and uses the momentum of her body to complete the twirl. Then pitcher style launches the shadow ball at Asau and Chu at breakneck speed, but a thunderous roar echoes across the schools campus, not even a second later a scene similar to that of a flashbang hit both the victims and the pursuer and a lightning bolt strikes the shadow ball, causing it to lose stability and disappear before it could reach Asau or Chu. “WHO THE”!!? Net screams as her ears are still ringing from the mystery bolt. “A Thunder Bolt”? Asau questions. “The bells about to ring Asau” Chu yelps giving a semi-good excuse to bail. “Right let’s get going” said Asau as she maintains a deadlock line of sight on Net, slowly backing her way into the school building with Chu. “Don’t think that just because someone saved you this time that you don’t OWE ME!, I’ll get you after school”!! Net screams even after the two have fully entered the building.

As Asau leads Chu to class, she herself darts to her own right before the bell rings barely making it. She stumbles into class breathing heavily then looks up to see her friend Riu with a distressed look on her face. “Where were you”?!,“You had me worried!”,“How’s Chu, did she make it to class okay”?!,“Who used thunder”?! Riu screamed, bombarding Asau with questions as she entered the classroom. “Chu’s fine, Net just wanted what I owed her and I can’t give it to her til’ tomorrow” Asau says reluctantly scratching the back of her head. “Sit down before Ms. Arb sees you” Lya sputters out at the both of them. Interrupting the little scene Asau caused by running in the room like a lunatic.

Everyone sits down as Ms. Arb walks into the class and a figure waits by the door. “Lisssten up kidssss we have a new sstudent today come in and introdussse yoursself” she says while stepping aside for the addressed person. A handsome boy dressed in a blue and black accented coat-jacket walks into the classroom at a slow stride. He appears to be of average height with stark black hair that sits spiked at the ends. His features are smooth yet masculine giving an air of respect towards him. He shifts his golden eyes over the class and walks up to the podium in front of the class and bows eloquently. “Hello, I’m Lux Ten, a Luxio from Sinnoh. I’m an electric type, and my belief is fighting a battle without purpose is meaningless. It’s nice to meet you all” he says with a confident smirk. “Very well put Ten” Ms. Arb says with a warm smile. “Take your seat in the back next to Lya” she said pointing to the green haired girl in the back. “and Lya”... “Yes, Ms. Arb”? she says unsurely. She better not do what I think she’s going to… “Please Show Lux Ten here around the school after class” Arceus Dammit! THUMP *Head hits desk*

“Hi there, Lya was it”? Lux says while moving to his desk. “I’m showing you around the school and that’s it, no funny business understand”? she says giving him a sharp glare. ...“Funny business”? he says with a tilt of his head. “No I’m not like that” he says resting his elbow on the desk “All guys are! They look at me and think I’m some easy, shy girl” she says with a huff. What am I saying? Stupid, stupid “That’s a shame,... you seem like someone worth knowing” he says, maintaining a half-lidded stare at the board. “Mhm, that’s what they all say” What’s with this guy?, What is it about him that seems so off?

After class Lux walks out of the classroom doorway then sidesteps by a couple of cherry red lockers. Waiting for Lya to show him around the school. He crosses his arms and leans into one of the lockers as he watches all the students file out of the room in a not so orderly fashion. Lya, Riu, and Asau all come out of the class walking together, although Lya isn’t talking and looks rather uneasy.

“Yeah, so that’s what happened, a strong thunder came down and took it out” Asau says making an explody' movement with her hands. “Odd... thunder bolt doesn’t have that good of accuracy unless you have some type of ability or status affect to help that” says Riu with a perplexed face, her finger curled on her chin as if in deep thought. “So Lya, are these your friends”? Lux says walking up to the group of girls hands tucked in his pockets. “Well if you ask her wey're not” Riu says snapping out of her thought driven daze. “But we see her as a friend” says Asau looking up trying to make eye contact. “Oh you’re that Bulbasaur girl” says Lux shifting his attention to the short leaf green haired girl before him. “Wait. New student, he’s an electric type, the Ten family is known for their “Roaring Thunders” don’t tell me you’re the one who helped Asau and Chu”? Says Riu with a snap of her finger, as if Sherlock just solving a case. “Yes, that Banette girl seemed to want to hurt Asau so I stepped in. I hope you don’t mind” Lux says with a bashful tone. “No, Not at all, thank you” says Asau gingerly. “Do you wanna join Freedom”? Riu screams popping between the two. “I’m sure he doesn’t Riu” Lya says giving Riu a 'really' stare. “Thank you for the offer but I’m not interested in battle clubs” Lux says with a sweat drop on the side of his head. “Dawwww, well get going Lya you have a school to show off” says Riu waving them away.

Lya and Lux start at the main building's six class-sections then work their way to the courtyards acquainted to them. Lya and Lux were standing in courtyard-F a few feet from the main battle gym on inside the outer wall of the school.

“Never thought a school could be so big” says Lux staring up at the towering structure of the gym. “It’s not that daunting. It’s rather small kinda” says Lya observing the object for herself, having seen it many times already she doesn't look very impressed. “Oh, tennis? I’ve always been intrigued by this game” says Lux as they approach the tennis court a few yards west of the gym itself. “It’s one of our schools top sports and is 'praised' by the school, and speaking of Praised there’s the tennis Protégé herself Fli Beauty” she says motioning her finger towards one of the figures in the court accompanied by a scornful shot toward the girl of mention.

A girl with long black hair steeping beyond her hips steps out onto the court with a tennis racket and ball in hand. Her figure silhouetted by the locks, you could still see that her face was well rounded and smooth with a radiance of seriousness. She was a little under average height for a girl her age standing at 5'03" but never the less was a formidable presence on the field. Lifting up her right hand she starts the serve hitting the ball with a vigorous force back and forth with the other player, it seems to be a warm up session for her.

“You seem to not like sports, or this girl Fli” he says giving a terse laugh. “That’s because I find them to be a waste of time, I'd rather make better use of my time with-” “With what? This is the 1st time I’ve heard you talk so passionate about something” he says his full smirk mounted this time. “…with singing… I want to be a singer” don't laugh... please don't laugh. “That’s a nice goal to have, ambushing and exiting” he says regaining his seriousness on the situation. He didn't laugh? He he... Agrees. Oh thank arceus. “Thank you”… she says her normally pearl skin turning hue to a soft pink. “What’s wrong”? He says noticing she turned her head away as if hiding something. “Everyone I tell about wanting to be a singer just laughs and says I can’t be, that it’s too hard” she says morosely. “Well, I think they're wrong, it’s hard, but nothing is hard as long as you push yourself toward what you want to do” he says trying to mentally pat her on the back. I’m I really going to say this! "Lux”… “Yeah, Lya”? He says as she slowly turns her head towards his. She extends her hand with her other close to her chest and looks Lux deadbeat in the eyes. Her cheeks burning scarlet at this point. “It’s was nice to meet you Lux Ten, I’m Lya Devoir, would… you.. like to be friends” she lets out slowly, her eyes now having a change in heart darting away from his in an act of shyness. Lux grabs her hand and firmly shakes it taking Lya by surprise. This earns a mousy yelp from her making Lux smirk. “Nice to meet you as well Lya, It'll be my pleasure” his smirk never fading.

'And that’s the day I met Lux, I didn’t know what I was about to get into after shaking his hand. A long school year was ahead of me… us, and it was fun'
Pokemon BWA, Re-1
Hehe 10 days late on when I wanted to upload it, oh well. Still though all the added Imagery really helps ya feel the sorry, much more than that scripted format I normally use. 

Best thanks to ColorWrath for his amazing help.

Anyways thats all for now, next Re-loaded Chapter coming next month ~
Pokémon: Black White Academy:  “Lux Vs. Arch! Buggy Ending!”  

In a world much like your own, the everyday people embody the spirit of amazing creators called Pokémon, these creators are long extinct and live on in us. As we start off the Battle against the Dragoon we win the 1st fight, but lose the next two then won the next two... Now it’s down to Lux and Arch, I hope lux knows what he’s doing trying to prove a point. As Lux and Arch stand across from one another both of their bodies seem to let off a glow.

Announcer:  Let the last battle be decided Dragoon still have a chance to end this with a tie and we have yet to see this eager young Lux’s “point.” Let this match BEGIN!

Lux and Arch Don’t waste a second as they both launch forward toward one another, Arch using Dragon Rush and Lux using Wild Charge. They both hit head on as a loud boom followed by a small shock wave flows rapidly through the air. As Lya, Gabi, and Rados watch from the stands by the field there stunned by what they see.

Lya: Hes fighting off a ground type with an electric move?
Gabi: No, I think hes just using something else…
Rados: He’s using the ground like a magnet to push himself forward, smart.
Lya: But that much force to hold back a Dragon Rush should crush him…
Gabi: *With a smile* Guess he’s just that strong.

Lux’s face has no expression on it, his eyes are only focused on Arch. As he uses the push behind him to fly over Arch and around to her back slamming her hard with Night Slash. Arch nearly falls to the ground, but catches herself and backflips away. As she lands and looks in front of her Lux is gone. She turns around to see Lux standing there with his spirit appearing and attacking Arch with Ice Fang. Lux’s Spirit crunches down hard on Arch Seemingly popping her shoulder out of place, Lux then jumps and kicks her halfway across the field. Arch Barely has time to catch her breath as Lux comes up with a wild charge so Arch lets out with Dragon rush. The two slam heads together before anything else happens Lux says this.

Lux: Remember, one lose doesn’t mean anything nor does the win. It’s the experience that matters.

Lux then lets out a large discharge from the ground knocking Arch off her feet and Lux forcing her back against the cracked wall making the cracks split wide open Arch climbs out of the whole to see Lux standing over her while she’s on her knees.

Lux: This is my point.

Lux raises his hand and slaps Arch across the face. Gabi see’s this and starts to cry as she realizes Lux did all this to prove to Arch that Gabi’s lose didn’t need to be taken so extreme. Everyone else seems baffled by Lux’s odd desission


The sound of the announcer falling over echo’s through the arena. As a Girls voice takes over the Mic.

LadyQuin: Attention Luxy, this is your Lady Quin Speaking, It’s great that you won and all but it’s time to come home.

Lux’s eyes widen as he rushes over to the stands where Lya, Rados, and Gabi are he jumps over the bars and grabs Lya’s hand asking Gabi and Rados to come with him. They all leave the arena frantically running into one of the school buildings hoping to get away. As they come to a 4 way intersection in the hallway a flash appears in front of them as Ray appears.

Ray: Sorry, but orders are orders.

Lux turns to run to the left but wind pushes them back.

Tara: Sorry mate, you know how it is.
Ray: Tara restrain them if they try to protect Lux. Leon Don’t let them out the right.

A small wave rushes in the right hall with a man standing on it as it dies down when it gets to Lux.

Lux turns to run back where they came but an older lady with an umbrella is standing behind him.

Ms.Blim: Hello Deary.
Ray: Give up Lux We don’t want to hurt you.
Tara: Wait… Look at the Green haired one that’s Lyanna Devior.
Rados: Lyanna?
Lya: It’s Lya ya’ creep.
Leon: Wow, Relax missy, your family’s just lookin’ for ya’

Tara Turns and pulls out a phone and calls someone and informs them they have found “Lyanna Devior”. Ray then knocks out Lux with a strike to the neck. Leon then Grabs Lya’s arms and holds her from behind as Tara chops the back of her neck knocking her out..

Tara: Gettin’ Payed twice now.
Leon: By Lady Quin and The Devior’s
Rados: Payed?

Gabi and Rados stand in the hall after the odd group of 4 leave Ms. Netal come up and tells them to come with her. They head toward the parking lot and  get in Ms. Netal’s van. they begin heading for the hospital where Zan and Fli are. As they get there they find the room where Zan and Fli lay in rest. Zan has a broken arm and Fli just has some minor leg injuries with a slight concussion.

Rados: Damn It. What just happened?
Zan: Well it seems this Lady Quin has some to forcibly take Lux back to Sinnoh, In rich family some times when a member of that family runs away they may send out pick up this on them so that they can get that member back under their control. Most likely Lya’s family has done this.
Gika: So does that mean we don’t get to see Lux or Lya again?!?!?
Gabi:…. No, No we will see them again were gonna get them back from their current captives.
Fli: How do you suppose we do that? Two of us can hardly move and the other two barely know how to fight.
Gabi: Let me call someone I know.

Somewhere else north of the city, Lya sits in a car going up a road overlooking the city to a grand mansion on a hill.  As the car stops 4 people stand outside the car waiting for Lya to get out.

Ral: Sis!
Gale: My fair Sister.
Lady Devi: Welcome home Lyan-
Lya: It’s just Lya
Lady Devi: What spiteful little brat the city has turned you into.
Lya: The City didn’t do that you did.
Daatingu: Kore de, nigeta shite iru anata wa watashitachi ga kore o yōnin suru koto o kitai? Lyanna.
Lya: Just take me to my room and leave me there. (being stripped away from someone you care about is hard.)

Somewhere off the cost of the city Lux is out cold aboard the rocking ship.

Ray: I’m sorry brother I truly am.
??????: You know your guy’s orders here capture and Detain him in Kanto right? Were in International waters a at the moment and not Kanto.
Ray: Yes I know, I’m just gonna go now

As Ray leaves the room he drops a key on the floor.
Pokemon BWA, 8
How to settle a fight? A good ol B**th slap works right....right? Maybe not... Anyway in this Lux and Arch begin to battle and by the end Lux's lurking past finally rears its head... Along with Lya's. The Stage is set for some fun now cant wait till next time!
Pokemon BWA Extra: 2 : Book worm? Book spider?!
The BWA may be known for its sports, but it has brain to match that brawn. in the BWA library on its 1st floor a small girl named Arias ,dressed in a red and yellow outfit, is putting books on the top shelf.  As she steps to the left she misses the latter by a few centimeters and begins to fall right before she thinks she may hit the ground she feels two large, yet soft, arms catch her.  Arias looks of to see Tyra staring blank faced at her. She pauses for a second and begins to blush before she starts to jitter her way out of his arms.

Tyra: You all Right?
Arais: Y-yes, you just caught me off guard.
Tyra: Is catching you off guard a metaphor or literal?
Arais: *While blushing* Both... Wait doesn't Dragoon have a battle, like right now?
Tyra: Yes, Arch Subbed in Mance.
Arais: Well that's unfair, you're so much stronger!
Tyra:  I don't really think strength is an issue. And besides why aren't you at the assembly?
Arais: W-well, umm... because I'm a little behind on putting the books back.(nailed it.)
Tyra: Would you like some help? I know you have trouble getting to the top shelf.
Arais: Nah, I got it.
Arais begins to climb up the latter again but then falls back down only to be caught again by Tyra.
Tyra: You sure?
Arais: Fine... you get the ones on the top shelves...
Tyra begins to pick up several books and searches for there place on the upper shelves, about 20 minutes pass before the book cart is empty.
Arais: Sweet! Thanks Tyra that would have took me a good hour.
Tyra: Not a problem, but can I ask you a favor?
Arais: Favor, what kind of favor?
Tyra: Im looking for this type of stone in particular.

Tyra takes out his phone and shows Arias a picture of a crown with a yellow blue and red gemstone in the center.

Arais: OH, is that what I think it is?
Tyra: Yes.
Arais: Why are you in the market for it?
Tyra: My young lord is coming of age soon, so i was hoping to show my gratitude to her.
Arais: (He's trying to get it for Arch then...) Well I'll ask Rai if we have "Acquired" anything like this.
Tyra: Thank you, Arais.
Arais: Guess you're gonna leave now?
Tyra: Why would I do that? I've been givin the day off, so why not spend that time with a friend?
Arais: (Friend? He does see me as a friend) YEAHOO! Come on then you can help me organize the back office!
Tyra: Wait what?!

Arais pulls Tyra forcefully into the back room where twenty to thirty boxes of unmarked books lay. Arais begins to open them and organize them as Tyra follows about an hour passes by eventually Geng and Tom make there way into the library.

Geng: Man, what a bum of a match ending in a draw.
Tom: Draw bad. No good.
Geng: Thats right my lil' simple worded buddy. Oh Tyra's here.
Arais: Ay, Tom, Geng, how was the battle?
Tom: Draw.
Arais: Aww what a bummer Tyra.
Tyra: Just means a point split and a rematch.

Geng leans on Tyra and beings poking and rubbing his Tricep slowly.

Geng: So big guy, what are you and lil' Arais doing back here all "Alone"
Tyra: Organizing books.
Geng: Meh, you're not fun.
Arais: Hey, now Tyra is plenty of fun!
Geng: Whatever, Tom wants to spend some time with ya so Im going now.

Geng leaves the back room through one of the walls as Tom taps Arais on the sholder.

Tom: Arais. Girl talk.
Arais: OH, is it about that boy? Did you talk to him? Come on how was it Tom!
Tyra: Boy?
Arais: Tom here has a crush on a boy in her art class, she says hes really good.
Tyra: Cute.
Tom: Joshawott, cute... Gika he like...
Arais: Aw, its ok Tom dont worry im sure if you talk to him he'll like you.
Tyra: I guess I'll take my leave now.
Arais: Oh Tyra here.

Arais hands Tyra a book with a depiction of a Tyranitar on the front. Tyra takes the book and smiles at her. Tyra then leaves the room.

Tom: What, that?
Arais: A gift, he's so caught up in getting something for Arch he forgot its his birthday.
Tom: Arais, Blush.

Arais: W-what n-no, I mean. Sigh. Come one lets go talk to Rai for a bit.
BWA Extra 3!
This Extra takes place during Part 3, while Dragoon and Freedom are battling. It shows off a little more of the character Tyra(As he didnt speak in part 7) and shows more of the haunted(who are merchant-like) It also shows my proof readers idea of a character "Arias" whom is an Ariados.
Over all it was really just to set up things latter, but as always...
Hope ya' Enjoy!
Pokémon: Black White Academy:  “Battle Dragoon, Start!”  

In a world much like your own, the everyday people embody the spirit of amazing creators called Pokémon, these creators are long extinct and live on in us. It’s been just about 3 weeks and Dragoon and the Haunted finally battled. It came down to the leaders of each team to decide who won, and the winner was Dragoon. We’re finally on our way to the Battle Conference to discuss this confusing point system, Lux doesn't seem excited or nervous more, angry. Everyone who is battling is sitting at a long table with another long table on the other side of a small room. Lux, me, Gabi, Fli, Rados, and Zan in that order sit down and we wait for about an hour until dragoon finally comes in, also Mr. Netal and another teacher, Ms. Ing, come in and stand at the head of the room.

Ms. Ing: Let us begin the Battle Conference.
Ms. Netal: The first order of business is the order at which you battle. Dragoon who is your first?
Arch: Ygo, and the Undermon?
Lux: Rados, shes our 1st.
Ms. Ing: Alright, Undermon what’s your 2nd.
Lux: Fli.
Arch: Tyra.
Ms. Netal: Dragoon your 3rd.
Arch: Mance.
Lux: Zan.
Arch: Onair.
Lux: Lya.
Arch: Agoni.
Lux: Gabi.
Arch: Oh, is that disappointment on your team? Fitting name for your group by the way the “Undermon.” You’re all untalented I see why.

Lux Begins to spark, but Lya puts her hand on his and he calms down.

Ms. Ing: Now Students I don’t want to see you fighting before the battle, understood? It’s set for next Tuesday.
Lux: Yes, Ma’am
Arch: Sure, I won’t do a thing.

After everyone leaves the room the Undermon meet at Lya’s apartment.

Zan: Well didn’t know you could have a temper Lux, you’re so calm all the time.
Lux: I just get bad vibes off her, I feel like she has no respect for her team.
Fli: let’s change the subject. Gabi how have you been staying here at Lya’s?
Gabi: Um, I’ve been fine Lya is really nice.
Zan: Well that’s a surp-

Zan is cut off by being hit in the head by a Psyshock pebble. As Lya comes in with tea for everyone and sits down.

Zan: My point.
Gabi: Hehe.
Zan: So Lux, think we can win?
Joshawott: THINK?! I Know we can win!
Gika: Yeah, We’re the Undermon! Will Epic Flail to victory!
Rados: I don’t think a flail will do well against dragons.
Zan: Really, Gabi, Lya, and you, Rados, are our best options agents them.
Gabi: Well, Tyra isn’t even a Dragon Type, he’s a Dark, Rock.
Fli: He’s a Dark and Rock Type? Dark I can handle, but Rock!?

Lux lies back on the floor and looks up at the sealing.

Lux: It’s not about winning. It’s about proving a point.
Zan: What point?
Lux: It’s getting late, Wotty, Gika, and Rados need to get going. As for myself, I’m gonna get some sleep.

Everyone one heads home and gets some sleep. For the next few days everything seemed normal and before anyone knew it, it was Tuesday. At the end of the school day we all met at the gym in the back to get ready.

Ms. Netal: Hit’em hard kids.
Undermon: RIGHT!

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for Dragoon! And one of our newest battle clubs, the Undermon! Both these clubs will duke it out to see who the victory is! First up for the Undermon we have the strong and noble RADOS! And for the Dragoon we have the strong and beautiful YGO!

Rados walks out onto the field blushing a bit, while Ygo walks out almost Skipping.

Announcer: Let’s have a nice clean fight, if any of us see blood then the match is OVER!, now BEGIN!

Ygo glows a lime green and rushes toward Rados with U-Turn, Rados then blocks this by crossing her arms in an X in front of her. Before Ygo could swing back away Rados’s hand glows a dark brown and she hits Ygo in the chest with Payback.

Ygo: Well, played.
Rados: Same to you.
Ygo: Let’s see you handle this!

Ygo calls forth her spirit of the Flygon and its hits Rados with its Dragon tail knocking her back a bit.

Ygo: What’s wrong did that hurt? I’m gonna shake this place up!

Ygo stomps the ground as it starts to shake by her Earthquake!

Rados: (Better pull my ace.)

Rados slams her hand on the ground and she flies high in the air.

Ygo: What!
Rados: I’m a flying type. Get a load of how a spirit should be!

Rados calls forth her spirit from where she’s floating it seems she’s standing on it.

Rados: Ice Fang.

Rados’s spirit flies forward at Ygo who is stunned with fear. As it closes in on her and seems to devour her before a crunching sound is made and the spirit disappears. Ygo is against the wall knocked out.


Rados head back to her team and medics come to get Ygo, everyone on Dragoon seems worried but Arch.

Rados: Few, I need a break.
Gika: Way to go Sissi!
Fli: I guess I’m up.

Fli walks out to the field seeming to be a bit nervous, but overall confident. As Tyra from Dragoon comes out almost seeming like he doesn’t care.  

Announcer: Next is the beautiful Fli Beauty! Our schools Number 1 sports protégé! And the new comer to the Battle Clubs Tyra Raw! He seems immensely strong! Let the battle start!

Flie Dashes forward to attack but Tyra moves faster than Fli can see. Tyra than appears behind Fli, summoning his spirit. Fli looks up in fear as the spirits mouth seems to be flaming, the spirit than crushes Fli under Tyra’s Fire Fang. As the spirit disappears the Undermon seem shocked standing in worry watching as the medics carry Fli away. Zan seems Infuriated at the site,

Announcer: I’m in Awe folks, this newbie is insanely strong…. point Dragoon? That’s the half way mark Folks Undermon 1

Lux and Zan are stairing intently at this ‘Tyra”

Lux: Be careful Zan Don’t let that get to you.

Zan doesn’t acknowledge Lux’s statement as he walks out onto the field as does the next Dragoon member Mance.

Announcer: Looks like there wanting to get right at it than let’s BEGIN!
Mance: *Yawn* man can we hurry this up as fast as the last match I wanna go take a nap.

Zan’s eyes widen as he pupils expand he rushes at Mance with his right hand glowing purple. Mance jumps out of the way and strikes back with a shoulder Double-Edge slaming Zan to the ground, but Zan tries to get up again before being slammed down again by Mance’s Roar. Zan tries yet again to get up.

Mance: Grr Stay down!

Mance’s body glows a bright purple before slam Zan into the ground 3 times in a row.

Announcer: Wait wait wait! Winner Dragoon! Stop it boy you’re gonna kill the lad!

Mance stops just short of a 4th blow.

Mance: Guess that means the funs over *Yawn* time for a nap.

Medics pry Zan out of the ground and rush him out the door much like Fli.

Announcer: Next up is… Lya and Onair… let’s hope this ends up better for the undermon…

As Lya and Onair make their way to the field, The Announcer calls for match to start Onair rushes in at Lya and attempts to use Dragon Tail but he move fails.

Onair: What?!

Onair continues to use Dragon tail and Dragon Rush repeatedly, but every move fails.

Onair: What  is going on?
Lya: You must not know about Fairy types hm?
Onair: Fairy…?

Lya closes her eyes and concentrates, Onair takes this chance to try and attack but as shes flying at lya, Lya opens her eyes creating a Dazzling Gleam, both knocking Onair out and forcing her backwards.


Lya: That was easy.
Lux: A little too cocky there.
Lya: I’m sorry the person I fought only knew dragon moves and couldn’t do crap.
Lux: Good Point.
Gika: Well Gabi’s up next right? You can do it!
Lux: What’s just because Agoni is a former teammates doesn’t mean go easy on her, ok?
Gabi: I know I’ll do my best not to disappoint.
Lux: You won’t disappoint us anyway, I know you’re strong.

Lya sends a psychic message to Gabi which a big smile on her face.
Lya: (I’ll still cut you.)

Announcer: Next up former Dragoon member Gabi Chom! And Agoni Nite!

Gabi and Agoni make their way to the field. Both of them stand across from one another, staring intensely at each other.

Gabi: I’m sorry I can’t go easy.
Agoni: Was gonna say the same thing, I’m sorry.

Announcer: READY! START!

Agoni boosts off the ground using Aqua Jet, sliding past Gabi, As Agoni Tries a Dragon Tail Gabi Speeds out of the way and coming behind Agoni striking here with a Dragon Claw knocking her to the ground. Agoni takes this chance with Gabi Above here to spin out of the way of an Iron Tail.

Agoni: I won’t lose!

Agoni’s Eyes begin to glow Bright Purple as the same purple appears around her before here spirit appears behind here.  The spirit seems to keep her inside of it.

Lux: That’s Outrage?

Gabi stands looking for some type of opening to attack knowing there is no such thing when it comes to Outrage. Agoni takes a big swing with her right hand trying to hit Gabi but Gabi avoids it easily. Gabi then comes around to Agoni’s back again hitting her with another Iron Tail Knocking Agoni into the same wall that Ygo and Fli were knocked into, the wall now has a huge cluster of cracks in it. Agoni raises up and put her hand in the air waving with two fingers.


Gabi: But why?
Agoni: I couldn’t sleep at night if I hurt you Gabi.

Agoni and Gabi make their way back to the team stands.

Gika & Joshawott: WAY TO GO GABS!
Gabi: Thanks, But Lux you’re up next to fight Arch… right?

Lux says nothing and walks out onto the field.

Gabi: What’s his deal?
Lya: His mind is set to win and that’s what he’s gonna do.

Announcer: THE LAST MATCH OF THE DAY FOLKS! Undermon Leader Lux Vs. Dragoon Leader Arch.

Arch Is standing in front of Lux on the Field with her eyes closed and Lux is looking down.

Arch: What’s with that face? A warrior should never look away from their opponent unless they know they can win.
Lux: Is that what you think? You think you have already won this?
Arch: Why did you challenge the Dragoon anyway? You know we’re the schools 3rd best right? Was it for the points? Or was it for the sake to say you did?
Lux: No, I did this to prove a point.
Arch: Point? What Point?
Lux: Not to you, but to a friend.
Arch: What is this Point?

Lux looks up with a Menacing look in his eyes
Lux: The Point is to show them that sometimes there is nothing wrong with losing every now and then.

Announcer: START!
Pokemon BWA, 7
Welp, part 7 of act 1 easily one of my favorites, mainly because we see so many of the other characters but another time for that... I think the re-release is finally gonna be put out next week sometime... so 

Hope to see ya' again!
So among the sharing of ideas with a friend, he offered to draw the many characters of my story "Pokemon BWA." Along with this hes basically become my proof reader and has taken it to himself to help write the lacking imagery in the story.(Which I cannot thank him enough for.) So BWA will get a re-release prolly starting soon. I don't want to set a date on the re-release because I'm lazy and I've got so much on my plate already with Work, School, and my now tore ankle. But Aside from all the I'll Prolly finish releasing Act one of BWA and whatever scraps of Balance are still roaming my files.

Anyways, as always I hope you Enjoy~


Austin Cecil Aungan
Artist | Student | Photography
United States
I'm just a 18 year old who has many interest, mostly anime. I currently working on my~
"Pokemon BWA"
I hope to to share my feelings and ideas of what is right through my Writing, and my enjoyment of drawing with you.

Current Residence: Kentuky

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