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    Schools, something I’m sure everyone can relate to and find their opinion on it. I’m also sure everyone’s been punished. But I want to know something, have you ever really been punished for something unfairly? Or have seen people get “bullied” then see a perfectly capable adult not do anything about it?

Well, today (2/17/14) I’ve seen both happen.

                In my school we have four classes I myself have, Spanish, U.S. History, Geometry, and Health.

I’m passing all of these classes but, I have a fairly low grade in Spanish. Because of how off our winter was the days and work in school really through me off and I was unable to compliant and turn in two assignments in health, but future assignments kept my grades up and the old assignments would hardly raise my grade by 2-5%. But today I experienced something that really showed how incompetent some teachers are, I received a “lunch detention” for not having those old assignments, I do understand I should have turned these assignments in but, why punish me for not having to pieces of “bissy work” turned in that would hardly help my already high grade? This is what I deem unfair there punishing me for a class that I clearly am passing, but do nothing with my low D in Spanish. Am I the only one who finds this unfair? I also believe one of the reason I have said “D” in Spanish is because I was focused on Health and getting the assignments.

                After school some student’s drive others walk most ride the bus. For five whole weeks we changed the school schedule on Friday so that home room was at the end of the day and was and hour long. Daring this time all we talked about was the subject of bulling and how to deal with and stop it. On top of this every faculty member is required to receive training in bully awareness. I myself dealt with bullies for most of my middle school education.  Now when I see a friend go through the same thing it tears me up to the point I want to find the people and deal with them myself but I digress. Because that isn’t the way to deal with them, what happened to my friend was two girls on her bus wear giving people hugs my friend refused because she does not like to be touched by people she doesn't know. After refusing the hug the girls continued to pester and insult my friend, this friend is very sensitive. Hearing this type of talk about someone who almost never frowns and is the person I’d go to, too cheer up. It saddens me, for people that don’t even know this person to talk bad about them. To see a friend who always has a smile on their face and to see that smile be turned around into the most depressive of frowns. On top of the harassment the “trained official” said he could do nothing about it. To me schools need to focus on the real things that are wrong with it instead of skimming over the small bits and pieces and get to the things that really cause good students and good people to turn into depressed people that thinks no one cares about them.

                This brings me to the point I’ve been trying to make, the schools are incompetent and need series revising, and I am sure I’m not the only one who’s seen or experienced something similar to these scenarios. So please if this has ever happened to you or any of your friends post something about your experiences on DA or even on some social networking site.



Austin, Dungan~


Austin Cecil Dungan
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United States
I'm just a 17 year old who has many interest, mostly anime. I currently working on my~
"Adevnture Time with Taya"
"Pokemon BWA"
"The Sword of Hope"
I hope to to share my feelings and ideas of what is right through my Writing, and my enjoyment of drawing with you.

Current Residence: kentuky

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oh, alright, its no big deal man, just needed some help with a few ideas, and thanks for the idea you gave me
acdking Dec 3, 2013   General Artist
Sorry I have commented as of right now I have bin offline working on Christmas project both in Real life and for DA so i don't have alot of time I check my DA every other day or so/
why you no longer comment on the stuff i post? especially when its a journal entry that says please read this
acdking Nov 25, 2013   General Artist
Randomly replying 
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